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Organic Spray Tan


At Jessi's Dolls, we are committed to our clients receiving the most beautiful sunless tan, at the most affordable prices. We will meet your spray tanning desires, rather it be a light sun kissed glow, or a deep tan. We customize your color to suit your unique skin tone. Your airbrush tan will last anywhere from 8-14 days! No streaking, no orange tones, and no odor. Contouring & sealer included.

    We use Bare Tan solution and products, this new and refined made in the USA product is set to transform the tanning industry and reduce the skin cancer rate. Bare Tan is the newest sunless, organic spray tanning formula to revolutionize the tanning industry.  So think of an apple when you cut it in half and leave it out on the counter. It browns, same technology in my solution. The signature sugar based tanning solution and take home products are infused with moisturizing and anti-aging botanicals, such as aloe vera and caffeine.

HVLP turbines supply air at a much lower velocity producing a softer, easier to control spray. This allows me to lay the solution on gently and not blast it on. Benefits of HVLP include less overspray and less product wastage. Transfer efficiency can be as high as 85%. The quality of finish is identical to the best high pressure spray finishes.

    One of the most common concerns I get it... “will I look orange?” With my solution.... NEVER!!! Even if there’s a fire!!! The formulas that make you look orange are beta keratin based solution. Essentially beets/carrots. So you come out very red/orange. Bare tan is an organic sugar apple based solution. So imagine an apple cut in half and left out on the counter, it turns brown. Same technology!!! Put your mind at ease and give yourself a golden glow!!!




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