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"Pain is a Flower"


"in the sun and in the rain

and in the day and in the night

pain is a flower

pain is flowers

blooming all of the time"

One thing I love more that makeup is reading. I read every night before I go to bed. It helps relax me as well as living a thousand different lives.

I think poetry speaks directly to the soul. Charles Bukowski is one of my favorite authors as he speaks so clearly to mine. What a beautiful effigy this flower is.

What an amazing way to physically show pain.

Emily has these beautiful eyes that look straight into your core. So it was an easy choice for me using her to create my vision and make Charles Bukowski's words come to life.

Maybe sometimes the most beautiful things are there to hide the most horrific things. Maybe we can look deeper at the flower and look at the seed. We all have seeds in our lives that we continue to water, continue to help thrive, and continue to bloom.

Sometimes its ok to not water every flower, sometimes we stretch ourselves to thin... But sometimes, out of that pain, comes the most beautiful ending to the cycle of growth.

A beautiful tragedy perhaps?

Beauty is Pain?

Some words to think on as you scroll through this beautiful gallery...

Model - Emily Rene

Photographer - Three Little Birds Photography

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